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Topanga Vintage Market @ Pierce College

Drew Tolson

Topanga Vintage Market - October 2013

IMG_1551 October was the first month when Topanga Vintage Market was held at Pierce College. Previously in the parking lot of the Topanga Mall, this location is much better. Rumor has it that the mall was giving the vendors trouble about parking, and that was on top of the fact that they had cordoned off many of the parking spots near the market itself, reserving them for mall patrons. Parking at Pierce is right near the entrance.

Plenty of stuff to sift through at TVM. They only seem to accept vendors who actually sell vintage & antiques, meaning that you wont find people selling new merchandise, with the exception of the Real Bugs people who seem to have a special dispensation because they also sell old zoological specimens and examples of rogue taxidermy. There is also now a special area exclusively for artists -- lots of jewelry.


My biggest complaints about TVM were always that  food selection was limited and that there aren't enough people selling clothes. The clothes thing is my problem because there are several clothing vendors. Considering that's what I'm hunting for, I only wish there were more. Anyway, that's not the fault of the people running TVM. My other concern, they seem to have taken care of; there's now an area for food trucks near the entrance.


Glad to have the Topanga Vintage Market in this improved location. The isles are wider and the layout flows much better. Another bonus is that Pierce College is letting them have a market in December -- something the mall wouldn't permit last year.

TVM is typically on the fourth Sunday of every month with the exception of this coming December. If you're going, let me know and we'll dig together.